Page 1 Chevrolet 1957 Coughing. Flames. Intimacy.
Page 2 Just boozing. Limited slip. Hey, tell me. To Oittaa dot com
Page 3 Connecting... Fast one. Hy Dude! Lifting helps.
Page 4 The right way. Gimme fire. Where is the railway station? Enough wheels.
Page 5 Van takes the place. Just Sprite. Up, up and burning. Going to the sauna.
Page 6 Fast masters. Smoke in blue. A Hiace can do it also. A new van can do it.
Page 7 Cortina Scuup
Page 8 Guess who's coming? Out of the smoke A Muumin car Sparks
Page 9 Smoke gets in my eyes. Hold me! A good grip. A better grip.
Page 10 Somebody up there. See me! A lead sled. Le5t me show the way.
Tell me, please.
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Friday Night Cruising in Helsinki